York University

Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Creative & Professional Writing)

Ryerson University

The Nature of Narrative (class)

Seneca College

Student Development and Student Experience (class)

I provided writing/editing/storytelling support to my colleagues across Student Affairs:

Community Manager

I was the Community Manager for—soliciting, brainstorming, supporting, line/copy editing, and preparing content for posting. I worked closely not only with RyersonSA's staff, but guest writers from institutions across Canada and the US.

Storytelling Consulting

I consulted on integrating the elements of storytelling into Student Affairs projects, adding engaging content for a variety of audiences including students, staff, faculty, and campus partners.

I used my writing, editing, and storytelling skills/experience to support colleagues and students to tell interesting and engaging stories about their work, experiences, musings, ambitions, and goals, through a variety of mediums (including blog articles, social media, press releases, presentations, and grant proposals).


I created and ran several workshops on writing for colleagues, which included a broad range of storytelling skills:

  • How to write engaging blog articles.
  • How to edit your own work.
  • How to recognize and integrate the elements of narrative (character, plot, setting, conflict) into your projects.


I wrote a variety of articles for the #RyersonSA blog, on topics ranging from identity, "Reports Worth Reading", transitional experiences, personal/professional reflection, process, humour, community, and—for one fateful Movember—my beard...

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Content & Communications

Ryerson University 2014–2017


McLaughlin College, York University

During my time at university, I became involved with MacMedia, one of York’s student-run, college papers.

I started by submitting articles to the publication in my 1st year. The following year, I was one of only two people (the second being an editor on staff) to have an article in all 8 monthly issues. In my 3rd year I became an editor on staff, continuing to write for each issue while also editing submissions to the Arts section. Finally, in my 4th/5th years, I was elected to be Editor-in-Chief, where I continued to write monthly, edit articles, and organize & lead the editor team.

Read some examples of my MacMedia articles...

Adventures in Storytelling


I started as a way to reflect on my writing process, in order to improve and understand my craft. At the same time, I saw it as a place where I could build a community of storytellers—from across mediums—able to support, inspire, and challenge one another to be better storytellers.

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That Friend who edits

My entire life...

I’ve always been called upon by friends, co-workers, supervisors, and family to “take a quick look” at essays, birthday cards, letters, pitches, nominations, speeches, short stories, and more.

If it’s written down, at some point a person I know has asked me to pull out my editor’s cap and give it a once over. One may think that over the years I’d start to get tired of it, but in truth, my passion to share stories extends to helping others share theirs. I enjoy editing and I’ve never shied away from sharing that skill.

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